When a durable, affordable and low maintenance flooring is needed, ceramic tile
floor is going to be the number one choice on  flooring covering. Especially on high traffic areas like entry ways, hallways, bathrooms and kitchen.
Ceramic floor tiles can take water spills, heavy traffic, resist scratches, ceramic tiles will take just about anything.
Most ceramic floor tile colors are neutral and it can be used in combination with carpet and wood flooring, making a smooth transition from the two different types of  flooring.

In Phoenix metro area, ceramic tile was installed, tear out and put back, again
and again. If the house is around 50 years old you can imagine how many times
the floor covering has been replaced. In the picture above you can see an original
ceramic floor tile in a house that was built over 27 years ago.
Because ceramic tile was installed to be durable in the first place; The task of
removing the ceramic tile when simply  "don't look good anymore"  is a nightmare for most home owners.
Taking the time to remove the ceramic tile will take the typical weekend warrior
or the jack of all trades a lot more effort, money, sweat, time and tears than expected.
I have seem many home owners that after going for the cheap ceramic tile removal
guys, they ended up beating the tile up themselves. One lady was using a concrete
grinder with no proper respiratory protection but a cheap respirator trying to clean up the old mortar of 2 square feet, it took her almost 35 minutes to remove some old mortar and over $180 spent  just on hand tools. After all those mistakes she made a wise decision; Calling  " Tile Removal Crew"  to get the rest of the ceramic tile removed.
No other way around; But to call the professionals of ceramic tile removal and
other floor covering the one and only  '' Tile Removal Crew " .
It was a simple task for Us. We are used to tackle the most difficult ceramic tile
to remove there is. We remove the tile and the old mortar at the same time, leaving
a clean concrete slab, ready for your new flooring.
We gently scrape the old mortar, preserving your concrete slab.
People always ask why they need to remove the old mortar, called "thin set"
and the main reason is to have a flat surface for your new flooring, second and
very important as well is to treat the crack on the concrete slab.
It is important that you protect your investment and in Phoenix Arizona 
lately there are some monkey see monkey do kind of tile removal companies
that use the most abrasive approach there is when it comes to remove the old
mortar, and is called "concrete grinding" this method only will save time and
money on labor to the concrete grinding company; But it will grind the smooth
finish of your concrete slab.  Leaving the concrete slab prone to cracks.

The best way to save money, effort, time, sweat and tears is calling the one and
only " Tile Removal Crew "  affordable and fast tile removal services.

We use plastics to protect your furniture, we protect your cabinets and vanities
we remove ceramic floor  tile and old mortar at the same time, we remove toilets for
free, we haul away your ceramic floor  tile debris for a very small fee, we have the best price for ceramic floor tile removal  in the whole Valley of Phoenix. We don't only show up; But we show up on time!
We have many satisfied customers, if you would like to be one of our happy costumers don't hesitate to call  " Tile Removal Crew "  to be one satisfied customer.
Here are  pictures of ceramic floor tile removal and the final result after the hard work of removing the ceramic tile.
We Haul Away Ceramic Tile And Thinset Debris
Ceramic Tile Over Terracota Tile

Always Clean Concrete Slabs
Thinset or Mortar Removal
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We Gently Scrape Your Concrete Slab After Ceramic Tile Removal 
Excellent job - very little dust
Ceramic Flooring Removal
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Ceramic Flooring Removal

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Thank you  to you and your crew for the hard work you put in on Saturday.  We know it was a tough job pulling up that tile, but the result was great.  And a special thanks for being so careful around the kitchen cabinets - there were no scratches to be found.  We will definitely be calling you.....
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