Saltillo tile is a hand made tile imported from a Mexican city with the same name Saltillo in Coahuila, Mexico.
Saltillo tile it is made of clay. This type of floor covering was introduced by the Spaniards to Mexico.
Here in USA  over years this saltillo tile has been used in the southern part of USA and lately traveling up north.
Saltillo tile is used because it's raw and hand made shape, the process of making the tile by hand and dried to the sun allow even to have animal paw prints on the tile.
Saltillo tile is porous and  it will suck all liquids, if not properly sealed it will have all sorts of stains.
Once the saltillo tile is sealed and properly  maintain will give the floor the warm southern look, it is durable and strong tile.
Due to it's convex shape, it's hard to walk on it on daily basis, specially for older people.
I often hear different opinions about saltillo floor tile, some people love saltillo tile, some others hate it.

When people hate it there is only one way to approach this tile and is the most fear choice for the " do it yourself homeowner "or even tile setters.They just hate to remove Mexican Orange saltillo tile.
The main reason it's that saltillo tile will crumble in little pieces making even worse the task of removing this Mexican saltillo tile.
Another reason is it's weight, we are talking about 10 lb per Sq Ft plus the thick mortar bed and they normally use 1/2" grout lines filled in most cases with thinset or tile mortar, making this saltillo tile one of the hardest tiles there is to remove.
In Tile Removal Crew LLC we have the tools, the crew and the expertise to remove saltillo floor tile, we also gently scrape the old thick mortar bed from your concrete slab, leaving a clean surface ready for your new floor.
Our price is always up front, you won't have to worry about hidden charges.
If the saltillo tile is harder to tear out you don't have to pay more.
We take pride on what we do, we can have your saltillo tile removal done in a single day, including the hauling away of debris.
Here are some pictures of this saltillo tile, it comes in different shapes and sizes, there is a white  saltillo tile very popular in the 80's often mistaken with ceramic, here are the pictures.
 Always A Clean Slab After Saltillo Floor Tile Removal

I've used Tile Removal Crew for 2 different jobs. They did an excellent job, were well priced, punctual and cleaned up after themselves like they were never there. I would highly recommend Luis and his crew if you need tile removed.

-Kathy V.

Thickness Of Saltillo Floor Tile Almost 3/4"

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Smooth Concrete Slab After Saltillo Tile Removal
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Square Raw Saltillo Tile Removal
Clean Slab Ready For Your New Flooring After Saltillo Tile Demolition
Hand Made White Mexican Saltillo Floor Tile Tear Out

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Paw Print On Hand Made Saltillo Floor Tile