•Do you do flooring installation?
•Does your price include appliances removal?

Some Ceramic floor tile also saltillo have a convex form if not proper installed(it needs

to have mortar in the convex part) will sound hollow;but the mortar underneath still

could be hard to remove.

•Do You Have A Flat Rate  For Flooring Removal?
(602) 374-7693     tileremovalcrew@hotmail.com

•Do You Do Dustless Floor Tile Removal ?

•Can I do tile demolition myself?
• Do you remove toilets for  free?

Saltillo tile is one of the hardest tiles to remove.Every saltillo tile removal is different

contact us with the square footage and we will give the best deal you will find on

on saltillo tile demolition in town. Our excellent pricing,will be Cheap at Twice the


Usually a 10 to 15 days notice works out perfectly,although small floor tile removal jobs

could be schedule on short notice.

The longer the time frame,the better.

•What is the Going Rate For Saltillo Tile Removal?

Floor Tile Removal  is our specialty.

Although we can point you to the right direction for your tile installation needs.

our friends install floor tile,counter tops,kitchen back-splash,patios,shower surround,

lots of experience laying ceramic,porcelain,saltillo,travertine,tumble marble

tumble travertine,pebbles,ledgstone,granite,marble,glass mosaic,slate,etc.

Also wood installation, Plumbers,Electricians,Landscaping,Irrigation,Concrete Grinding,Stain

Concrete,Concrete work,Roofing,drywall,skylights,carpet installation

and much more.

•Do you do carpet removal ?

We protect your vanities,kitchen cabinets,furniture and appliances with plastics

Before the floor tile removal we also put plastics on entry ways to contain dust.

It is important to remember that floor tile removal or any flooring removal is a

remodeling task and will be some dust.Tile Removal Crew LLC  is going to do it's best

to keep dust down.Putting plastics up is our standard service and you don't

have to pay for this. 

•What happens if the ceramic floor tile is harder to pull out? will it get more

•What is your availability?

Tile Removal Crew have all the necessary flooring removal tools to get your floor

tile demolition complete.All you have to do is relax and let Us do the hard work!

yes,it is .because it could be laid on cement board(hardibacker,durarock,wonderboard)

many brands but  this underlay is hard to pull out than on concrete slab.Plus the

time to carry debris out.

There is not a flat price per Square foot.Because every tile removal job is different from one

another. I get a lot of calls asking about my price per square foot.Tile Removal is not

rocket science but is not enchiladas either.

If you need to know how much will your floor tile demolition cost,please

fill out our quote form,we will get back to you as soon as we can.

•Do you haul Away debris for the same price?
•Do I have to Rent Any Floor Tile Removal Equipment ?

Yes, we do.we can have your toilet uninstalled in less than 3 minutes at not cost to


Most toilets are set on top of the tile to be removed;it is necessary to uninstall the

toilet to prevent it from any damage to the toilet.

(If the water valve is old and could be leaking we rather let a plumber deal with the uninstall)

No, we don't charge you a dime until you are satisfied with your flooring removal.

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•Some of my tile have a hollow sound,will they be easier to remove?

Every flooring installation starts with a clean concrete slab.

Having a clean concrete slab will help you see settlement cracks(small hairline cracks)

on the concrete slab. That can be treated before your flooring installation.

If your tile contractor suggest to leave the mortar ,so they will lay tile or other flooring

over the old thinset,run in the opposite direction and don't look back!

Some Floor Tile Installers get lazy when it comes to floor preparation,we will leave

your concrete slab clean and ready for your new flooring.

No,it is not.outside tile Removal is harder than any indoor tile,specially when is mid July

in Arizona and gets up to 120 degrees

•How Long Would it Take You To Complete The Flooring Removal?

When the ceramic tile is original with the house,there is a bigger chance to be a

clean and smooth concrete slab after the ceramic tile removal,especially in

older homes in Phoenix downtown .

There is also a chance that in an older home we are not the first tile removal crew

that is doing the tile tear out and the slab is already with scars and holes from their

cave man methods used on  flooring removal.

•How Long Would it Take You To Complete The Flooring Removal?

Every Job is different;but generally we can have your floor tile removal done in a

single day the most common floor tile to remove is ceramic and porcelain floor tile

removal,usually is a day job,there are some saltillo tile or travertine tile removal

takes longer to complete. 

We prefer to let you move your own appliances,although we are willing to

help you.

•What is the most difficult tile to remove?

We've done some travertine tile removal that took us twice as much time and crew to

remove than saltillo tile removal.

•Is tile removal on second floor more expensive?
•What happens if there is tile under the tile?

•Do you need money up front?
•Is patio Tile demolition the same price as interior tile removal?

Depends a lot of how it was the slab prepared before installation and

what type of mortar was used.Sometimes is harder to pull out than saltillo tile.

If Fortified thinset was used on the tile installation then it will be something really

difficult to remove;But you count on Us,your floor tile removal price will be the up front

 just for your  peace of mind.

•The ceramic tile floor installation was done in the 80',is it going to be easier to

do the tile removal?
• Do you Have References?   

Our Price is upfront,no surprises ever.

If your floor  tile is harder to pull out you don't have  to pay for it although all tips are

gladly accepted .

•Does Tile size matters?

Sure,first get you some safety goggles (sharp fragments from ceramic,makes nasty

cuts) and thick gloves.

4 lb hammer a flat cold chisel,cancel your gym membership (you'll stay fit for a couple

of months)

and give it a whack.If it is too hard please don't forget to give Tile Removal Crew LLC a


•Is Ceramic tile easier to remove?

Yes,we do,also we remove carpet tacking and padding in our carpet removal service.

including hauling away of debris.

•Do you protect  furniture with plastic sheeting before the floor tile removal?
•What's the advantage  to scrape the old thinset (mortar)?

•Do you do Wood Flooring Removal ?

We charge a very small fee to haul away debris,depending on type of tile to be



If there is tile or other flooring under when we are doing the flooring tear out,

We will charge you accordingly depending on  the square footage. 

•Can somebody lay tile over tile?
This is a list of questions that We've been asked  so far regarding our floor tile removal services.

We tried to answer them the best we can,if after reading all these questions

you still have questions,please feel free to call Us at (602)374-7693 or

E-mail us at tileremovalcrew@hotmail.com

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We have local references available as well testimonials of past  satisfied customers.

after we do your tile removal project a reality please  come back to  fill out our tile removal

feedback form.

Yes,we do wood flooring removal,bamboo,laminate,glue down or nailed.

Including glue scraping from your concrete slab and debris hauling.

Always leaving a clean concrete slab and a smile on your face.

I've seen Ceramic tile over terracotta floor tile ,is the worst situation you'll encounter.starting with trimmed

doors,trapped dishwashers,  trimmed kitchen cabinets to fit your fridge,etc.

There are Tile installers that,don't know what they are doing and lay saltillo tile

over ceramic tile.Tile over vinyl is pretty common to find when doing tear outs.

The correct way to do it is by doing some research about what is involved to

remove the old flooring correctly.

Floor Tile Removal is not a expense it is an investment on your property!

Lately there are a couple companies out there cutting corners,offering "dustless" tile removal,there is no such a thing as "dustless tile removal" what this companies do to get rid of the thinset,is concrete grinding your slab,this method is like using sand paper to clean the dirt of your car.

The upper "shiny" layer of the concrete is what keeps the concrete slab together,if the surface is aggressively grinded  ,your concrete slab will be prone to cracks,thus opening a path for termites to eat your wood flooring and house.

We in the other hand,tear out the tile and gently scrape the thinset ,leaving a clean concrete slab,ready for your new flooring.

To prevent dust,we put plastics for over kitchen cabinets,counters,vanities,furniture and such at no extra cost to you,we put plastics for free.

We sweep and vacuum upon completion,believe us with the money you will save with our affordable flooring removal services,you can hire a maid to clean the house for a whole year!

When it comes to Floor tile Removal (and bank accounts) size does matter.The bigger

The tile the harder it gets to tear out.Also there is thicker thin set  to scrape.

To give you an example,to install ceramic tile 20"x20" on floors,it must have more

thinset than a 12"x12" ceramic tile.There is an wise old saying :

"larger notch for larger tiles"

,if your tile setter says otherwise,probably he won the bid by half the price of the tile

installation going rate too.

Remember if you demand excellence you must be willing to pay for it.  

Every Job is different;but generally we can have your floor tile removal done in a

single day the most common floor tile to remove is ceramic and porcelain floor tile

removal,usually is a day job,there are some saltillo tile or travertine tile removal

takes longer to complete.

We have the tools the crew and the expertise to make sure your job will be done

the same day we start.